Really Webware? That's your video experience?

June 1, 2007   

If I was consulting Webware on their online video experience, the first thing I'd do is shame them! (Sorry Caroline! NYC still loves you.) Forget for a minute that I couldn't watch their video in my RSS reader this morning (I'm sure it's always been like this, and this is just the first I've wanted to watch easily from my RSS reader), but when I clicked on the articled called "MySpace vs. Facebook (the video)" and enjoyed (*gasp*) what I saw (a Mac/PC inspired clip), I couldn't then take the video and share it with my friends right here on my blog!

I realize that this is the in-house CNET approved video player, but Webware, which starts it's About Page by observing "There's a shift underway in how people use computers and the Internet." doesn't seem to reflect that sentiment in the medium of their site which is shifting the most profoundly: VIDEO!

What more, it's for no good reason. This thing that Fred Wilson called "DoTube" is proving itself time and time again to supplement your site, not detract from it. An experience that enables the audience to share your content, still resulting in ad revenue for you, is a net additive experience for your audience (especially those of us loyal enough to have YOUR content in OUR RSS readers) and for your site.

If I were the folks at Webware, I'd call up Mike and Dina at Blip or even the Brightcove or Roo folks and get a better video experience out there. Perhaps just as good, they should get parent company CNET to "viral enable"/"DoTube" the in house player so I can then share product reviews and help them increase their brands relevance.

But of course these are all things I'd tell them if they were my client ;-)

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