PublicVox on Magnify: PBS Vertical Site

May 16, 2007   

If you're reading my blog on the web (i.e. not in an RSS reader) you'll notice a new widget on the right here ----> Magnify is a New York-based company which allows folks to create vertical video sharing communities. Signing up is as simple as picking a subdomain and title for your site, and then giving their platform a few keywords to start with (if you'd like). With those keywords, the site goes out on YouTube, Revver, and a few other sites and pulls in various videos matching your interests.

Because of my work with public TV, I'm quite interested in how PBS and affiliate content moves around on the web. So, I made a vertical video site on Magnify called PublicVox (a domain I own and have been wanting to use at some point).

Anyway, go check out Magnify for yourself, and enjoy all the wonderful PBS content over on PublicVox (which may be a faster way of finding PBS content than heading to, though has a lot more and better content). I think these vertical communities are interesting, and it's closely related to what we're working on over at BricaBox with the BricaBox Platform.

"Stay Tuned!"

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