NYC the Center of Web Video, The Future?

May 15, 2007   

Over the weekend, it was reported that online video production company (and NYC headquartered) Black20 received funding from Jeff Jarvis (about). Immediately following the story it was announced that Mogulus (another NYC company) got a hefty $1.2 million from angel investors (hefty because angel groups tend to finance rounds of $250k - $750k). Is NYC ready for an online video boom? That's the feeling in the air at this year's Streaming Media East, going on at the New York Hilton.

Of course NYC already had a bunch of online video start-ups, including, Roo, Motionbox, Vimeo and WallStrip (which is evidently going to be bought by CBS); and this all makes a lot of sense, seeing that some of the world's biggest media companies are headquartered right here in the Big Apple (NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV, etc). Furthermore, the fueling-stations for the web video blaze (I'm talking about Madison Avenue) are located in NYC, and these folks are unmistakably thinking about these issues.

So if web video is going to be "The Future of Everything" (the title of an upcoming blog post), is NYC going to be at the center of that future?

Maybe video is Silicon Alley 2.0

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