Edwards' "We the People" is Social Media Meets Politics Done Right

May 4, 2007   

With folks like Joe Trippi and Ben Brandzel on board, it's not a surprise that John Edwards would stand out as the candidate most apt at using the internet to supplement his offline campaign. Indeed, it's clear that Edwards himself is behind some of this himself, as seen in his effective use of Twitter. Well, John's doing again, and showing how Social Media can be implemented in modern political campaigns with We the People. We the people started as an in-house ad to pressure the Democratic Congress to continue pushing for a troop withdraw plan, but the Edwards camp decided to use YouTube's "Post a Video Response" along with the video, and promoted that feature on their online pledge page, which pretty much every MoveOn-style email newsletter lands on anyway.

If that wasn't enough, the Edwards camp then took the video responses and spliced them into a new version of their "We the People" ad, using both professional and amateur ("grass-root") footage. The result is below, and I think it's social media meets politics done right.

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