At the Web2Open at the Web2Expo

April 16, 2007   

I arrived in SF on Saturday, and attended one session and a few parties last night, but I'm now writing only minutes away from the official start of Web2Expo, where I'm hanging out attending Web2Open. If you're in SF or know anyone attending the conference, please let me know. You can either "Twitter Me" or Contact Me via email and I'd love to hang out and see what you're doing here.

My plan is to hang out in the expo hall and Web2Open zone for the most part, and either Tuesday or Wednesday Michael Galpert and I plan on hosting a session tentatively titled "nextNY: Silicon Alley 2.0" -- we'll keep everyone up to date on this matter once we land an exact time/place for the discussion.

Anyway, expect more updates on this blog or on the BricaBox blog. To follow me closely (don't worry, I shower), check out twitter.

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