Why you should Waxxi (Thursday @ 1:30pm)

April 3, 2007   

Something very exciting is happening this Thursday, April 5th at 1:30pm, New York City based Waxxi is hosting an interactive live podcast with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. While anyone can listen live without registering, I encourage you to register here and experience the full interactivity of the podcast. It should be a very exciting and interesting event.

On a personal note, I've spoken in great detail with Waxxi CEO Tracy Sheridan, and I've become a firm believer of her company's vision. Indeed, the current broadcast/podcast duality is too rigid and Waxxi has a compelling solution. While the most obvious value added is for podcast listeners and would-be-interactive audience members (radio stations should be knocking on her door), it's just as interesting a service when you consider how important engagement is for the podcast authors: Whether you're a journalist, media company, or even consumer products company, finding new ways to interact with your audience or customers is a must in today's and tomorrow's world. Waxxi presents an option, and, from what I understand, it's a major reason they've relocated to NYC from the other alley.

Anyway, this Thursday's broadcast/podcast will be my first Waxxi experience, and I look forward to it very much. I've already listened to The World of Web 2.0 event with Michael Parekh and Michael Arrington, and I found it to be quite -- what's the word I'm looking for? -- engaging, so I think we can only expect the same on Thursday with Mr. Jimmy Wales.

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