Eye Openning Documentary Needs Website

March 31, 2007   

Someone on the nextNY Google Group posted the following message:

I'm looking to see whether there is anyone who would be interested in doing pro bono web development for a documentary film project. The filming has spanned nearly 8 years, and is set to begin post-production in May. The film-maker's website can be found at www.disruptive.co.uk.

The project is a documentary film that tells the story of Danny over an 8-year period, from a troubled high school in the South Bronx, to Brown University, and then back to the Bronx as a public school teacher.

Anyway, contact me if you want the person's contact information who posted this up. Some of you know how important a project is like this to me... I still think about re-editing The Prologue, which was recognized for touching on several similar issues. If you're a web developer, then it may be worth finding out how you can help.

Here's a clip from ZONED IN:

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