cafeBricolage Gets a Blog and a Wiki

March 21, 2007   

As things move forward with the planning of cafeBricolage, we've decided to move the conversation off my blog and on to an independent blog and wiki. The blog will be used for announcements and opinion pieces, like an ordinary blog, and the wiki will be used for organizing.

Right now, our main focus with the wiki is to begin collecting names of people and companies who are "friends" of cafeBricolage. If you think you may want to hang out at cafeBricolage once it opens, or you think you may work out of the coworking space occasionally -- and if you have a business, and you think your 2 - 5 person team may want to use the cafeBricolage space -- then please come visit the "Freind of cafeBricolage" page and let everyone know.

Thanks for the encouragement everybody. There's been a lot of excitement around cafeBricolage and I'm glad to report that things are moving forward! I had a wonderful time talking to folks about the project last night at the Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs Meetup, and I'll be sure to post it on the new blog.

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