Smart John Edwards

March 17, 2007   

I have many reasons to like John Edwards, and for full disclosure I should say that Ben Brandzel, his Director of Online Engagement, is one of my good buddies from college. But I can't help but admire John for this one Twitter back-and-forth between him and Robert Scoble.

Conversation goes like this:

John Edwards:

committing our campaign to become carbon neutral.


@johnedwards: how are you going to get your campaign carbon neutral when you have to fly jets around the country so much?

John Edwards:

@scobleizer: will fund alternative energy production that will offset the carbon generated from campaign travel.

You see, that's the kind of no nonsense, unapologetic liberalism I'm a fan of. YES, we need to cut back on carbon emissions, but NO it doesn't help us one bit to keep a man off a plane who is most likely, or is sure to (if you don't want to compare him to other Democratic candidates) be a President who does it. His job now is to get elected. His job once elected will be to make jets more fuel efficient and to change how campaigns are run so that it's not necessary to run around in jets all the time.

Bravo, John, for being pragmatic and liberal.

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