VentBox looks for designer/UI guru: Our Wish List

February 27, 2007   

I have lots of issues with the VentBox design, in its current state. The biggest problem is that it's not compelling -- as in there's no harmony between our platform's vision and our platform's design, leaving the site feeling dull. Worst of all, it leaves the site's visitors and users felling confused. "What's with this 'target' / 'title' distinction?" "What am I supposed to do?" "Where do I....?"

These are not good things to hear, especially because our platform demands that certain kinds of information at different points. The distinction between "Target" and "Title" ARE important for the site, and the platform, to work properly, provide a good experience for our users, and provide the best data to those interested in what people are venting about.

Anyway, we know why the design we have now isn't very good: we hired him off oDesk as a super cheap rate. You get what you pay for.

But now VentBox has been out for a few weeks and we're getting to know where our users are having troubles and we're ready to do a complete design overhaul of the site, while adding several technological features that will increase the quality of experience as well.

To attract candidates, we've posted the job on the well known 37Signals Gig Board (many of you reading this may be from that board) and have forwarded the post on to "several people who know people."

We're excited by the response so far, and will surely pick a wonderful person to work with. But to make sure that everyone knows exactly what we're looking to do, I'm expecting the person we hire will come by and read this blog, the VentBox Blog, or the BricaBox site, and so I'm giving those intrigued parties a little leg-up.

--- Our Wish List:

  • We want someone who wants to take credit for the VentBox and platform design. We'll give it to you!
  • We need someone who understands why we've built and organized the site the way we have.
  • We'll love someone who's used our site before we start the interview!
  • We're looking for someone who'll join the VentBox Family and come to our reunions (i.e. stick around, evangelize the site, blog on our blog, etc)
  • We really value good communication skills. It's not just what you say, but how you say it and how often you say it. If something is going to be late, tell us! We'd rather hear from you that it's going to be late, than not hear from you at all.
  • We like people who ask a lot of questions. But, if we're paying you a lot of money, make sure those aren't stupid questions. Just kidding :-)

Again, the job post is here.

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