Declares Feb 14th "National Venting Day"

February 13, 2007   

National Venting Day FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Declares Feb 14th "National Venting Day"

New York, NY -- February 13th, 2007 -- While millions of people "creatively" express their "love" with fattening candies, recycled doilies, and red paper hearts, is asking conscientious Americans to recognize February 14th as National Venting Day. To inaugurate this social revolt, VentBox, a free site for people to vent and find other people venting about the same things, is holding its launch party on the eve of Valentine's Day, giving party guests one free drink for each Valentine's Day related "vent" submitted on their site. (Event Details Here)

"The only thing better than spending a week's paycheck on a holiday invented by the Hallmark Corporation is venting about the stupid day with the millions of other people who think its a pointless holiday," says VentBox founder, Nate Westheimer. "In a world where everything gets its National Day or Week or Month, we hereby declare Valentine's Day 'National Venting Day,' at least in the 48 contiguous States."

According to company records, Vents about Valentine's Day have already begun pouring into At the time of publishing this story, the most popular was a vent about how "Valentine's Day makes single people feel unimportant." According to Westheimer, by reclaiming the day as National Venting Day, single people can fight back and reclaim 24 hours of their lives which were once lost to hearing cheesy smooth jazz songs on the radio, finding embarrassing love notes written by Claude down in shipping, and waiting in line at their favorite restaurant, which seems to be packed for one day with only yuppies and geriatrics.

While some people are harping on the commercialism involved in Valentine's Day, some are offering more productive critiques. VentBox user "caroline" suggests that "the only good thing [about Valentine's Day] is all the chocolate," which subliminally suggests that serotonin producing chocolate bought for Valentine's Day should be consumed by single people rather than people already happily in relationships. As a gesture to address this issue, and out of concern that eating entire boxes of chocolates may be the fastest way to end relationships based on physical appearance (the second largest subset, immediately following "based on money"), VentBox if offering to take all shipments of Valentine's Day chocolates at its company headquarters at 181 E. Houston St, Suite 3E, New York, NY 10002

In conclusion, in a selfless declaration of February 14th as National Venting Day, offers everyone an opportunity to chime in and vent about what's on their mind, single or not. As has been stated before, Everybody Vents, so get on Venting about Valentine's Day!

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