Is this wise? Vent about VentBox on

February 12, 2007   

On VentBox we don't have a "Feedback" link. If people like the site we want to see that by them using it. If people don't like it -- or shall we say "want to vent about it" -- they're already on VentBox... so they should vent about it!

I just told the VentBox community about this on the blog, and in the "Target Cloud" on the homepage of the site you can see that some people have already started venting about VentBox using VentBox. Whew! So, now I'm wondering, is this a smart idea?

43things uses their technology in a separate place to hear new ideas from their users... so why shouldn't VentBox use its technology, already geared to received negative feedback, to collect gripes against us?

I'm interested in your take.

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