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February 5, 2007   


Website uses “Web 2.0” Technology, Allowing Public to Submit Complaints and Find Other People Complaining About the Same Things

New York, February 5, 2007 – The voices of average Internet users got a little bit louder today, as community complaint site released its site to the public. Citing the fact that “Everybody Vents” in the site’s tag-line, VentBox™ provides an easy to use tool for everyday people – not just the technically inclined – to “vent” and find other people venting about similar interests.

Powering VentBox™ is a unique blend of technology, focused on merging two important aspects of the web: expressing yourself and finding others who agree with you. VentBox™ founder Nate Westheimer explains, “VentBox™ allows users to express themselves while simultaneously matching them with other people who are saying the same thing.” With the VentBox™ system, if someone has already submitted a similar vent on, users can join in and make that vent more important, thus making their own opinion more loudly heard than if they had merely blogged about it or, even worse, kept the “vent” to themselves.

Because the real power of VentBox™ is realized when people band together and vent about the same issue, Westheimer explains, the site also provides users several tools to spread the word about their Vent. After writing or joining a Vent, users can use the site to email their friends, or if they have a blog they can copy and paste a special code that will help distribute their message.

For the founders of VentBox™, the need for this new website is clear: “In a world of big business, cut-throat politics, and globalization, sometimes we can feel like our voices don’t matter,” Westheimer explains. “VentBox™ gives you easy to use tools to voice your opinion and be connected with like-minded people.”

For more information about VentBox™, or its parent company, BricaBox, LLC, interested parties can visit or

The VentBox™ name and all logos associated with the site are trademark BricaBox, LLC. For more information refer to the Terms of Service link located on

About: is owned and operated by BricaBox, LLC. New York City based entrepreneur Nate Westheimer founded BricaBox in 2006. The company employs an agile team of industry experts, as well as Eva Westheimer – Nate’s little sister – who acts as a lead advisor, and has been involved from its earliest stage.

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