innonate changes: layout and "links"

January 27, 2007   

Hi Folks,

You'll see a few changes to "innonate" these days, especially if you're reading on this site, rather than via your RSS or email reader.

First change is to the theme/layout: I changed to this for two reasons, the first because I wanted something a little more readable. The old layout mishandled some formatting, and the colors -- while cool -- made some people cringe.

The other reason I changed to this theme is because it's what I've decided to use it for the VentBox Blog. My thought here is to create some continuity between the two places I'll be blogging the most. I guess it's one more step to consolidating my online identity.

The second change to my site are the "links" posts that I have recently been posting. Actually I don't manually post these links at all; instead, a service I use to manage my bookmarks called "" (many of you are more than familiar with this company, of course) automatically posts the links I save to this blog, along with my comments.

Here is where I want your feedback. What do you think of these two changes? Please leave a message below saying what you think of the new layout and what you think of the new "links" posting feature. Also, please include info as to how you regularly consumer "innonate" (i.e. with your browser, RSS, or email).


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