Something rather spectacular: Bob Arihood

January 11, 2007   

I don't often blog about things New York that have nothing to do with tech, startups, or business in general, but Bob Arihood's "Neither More Nor Less" blog deserves a special shout-out.

This East Village photographer manages to push past the NYU hipster invasion and still find the heart and soul of the neighborhood, all with his  new trusty Leica M8. The images on his blog tell a tale soon forgotten of where the East Village has been and where it may be going, which is especially well told when photographs and story of the great Jim "Mosaic Man" Power are shared. (Jim runs the site, and would appreciate help getting it up to par with other sites, if someone wants to donate some time. I actually came upon Bob's site after conversing with Jim Power in Tompkins Square Park in late November.)

(here are a few samples of the amazing photos on his site).

Anyway, all you NYU hipsters (should we call you "Nypsters"?) that read my blog, get out your fancy bookmarking services and RSS readers, and save Neither More Nor Less. It's a great thing.

(And for more great NYC and East Village photos, check out Lorcan Otway's Flickr page).

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