Women Under-Served by Internet

December 13, 2006   

It's becoming increasingly obvious that women are under served by the internet... DailyCandy brought in a nice chunk of change when it sold portion of itself, as a testament to their foresight, and Sugar Publishing is now raking in the dough from investors eager to bring services and content to women. One reason women seem to be undeserved is that in a world of weekend start-ups, there are too few female programmers and industry insiders.

TechCrunch ReadersThis list could go on, I'm sure. But the real point here is that the tech industry already knows what guys want, and is serving them, because men are the tech industry. The real kicker will be when women, who make 80% of all household financial decisions and comprise over 55% of internet users, are served by web entrepreneurs.

Sugar Publishing gets it. Real Girls Media gets it. DailyCandy gets it.

Who's next?

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