Real Users

December 11, 2006   

I wanted to point out a new "tag" I'm using for this blog. It's called "Real Users," and it's a tag I'll give articles that deal with one of the main problems I find on the internet: the creation of web-apps and sites that Real Users -- real people, like your cousin or mother or roommate, those who don't know what TechCrunch or Digg or is -- know how to use easily and enjoy. Its a tag about usage, design, culture, and the future of the web. This is a subject I've blogged about here: /blog/2006/11/12/web-3shut-the-fuck-up-and-listen-to-yourselves/ and just today here: /blog/2006/12/11/connecting-the-silos-mybloglog/ and here: /blog/2006/12/04/lifeinlists-the-future-of-facebook/

and now it has its own tag, so stay tuned.

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