LifeinLists: The Future of Facebook

December 4, 2006   

I Digg Evan's latest post on LifeinLists. He outlines how Facebook is in a unique position to grow with their users and become the social site everyone needs.

I'll let you read the article yourself, but because Evan talks about how he's found little use for LinkedIn, I'll point you to this article on PaidContent which reveals that LinkedIn has reached the too-ofen elusive profitability. That is to say: there are all sorts of users, and some like LinkedIn enough to help it make money and approach $100 million in revenue.

So, while I think Evan hits the nail on the head about why Facebook can be THE social and networking site for him and me and many others like us, there are still Real Users out there that find everything they need at MySpace and/or LinkedIn and/or CollectiveX and/or whatever it is I'm about to launch :-)

The point is, I can't imagine there will be one site that rules them all (Evan's not necessarily saying this either) because I can't see a point where my high school friends on MySpace and my college friends on Facebook and professional friends on LinkedIn will have the same needs and will need to be on the same platform.

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