December 1, 2006   

Posting with Google Docs

One thing I've been surprised about is the lack of buzz around being able to post to your blog with Google Docs . "You can do that?" a friend of mine asked recently. Heck yeah you can. I am right now, and it's simple as heck. Just go into your Docs & Spreadsheets settings and input your blog's API info (a very similar process to doing it with "ecto" or any other blog publisher).

Why post with Google Docs? Well, we'll see if I ever use this feature, but I imagine that if I'd ever want to post to the nextNY blog after collaborating on a story with some fellow nextNYers, then the blog posting abilities of Google Docs will be much appreciated. We shall see. Good work Google (Writely). Now let's see if you can make it better.

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