Introducing: the "Public Record"

November 1, 2006   

Dear Readers, As you know, is a place where I have a chance to publish both spontaneous and planned bits of information, analysis, advice and stories; and for you it's an easy place to read what's on my mind. But now, I want to introduce a type of material you'll find on this site: Nate Westheimer's "Public Record" -- documents I've written and positions I've taken that, while potentially controversial, I am proud of taking and entering into the official public record.

To start, I will periodically publish documents and positions I have made in the past, and at the top of the document you will find the date and the context of the documents creation. All articles in this series will carry the category tag of "Public Record," so it's easy to distinguish between my regular content and that worth such a bold seal. Also, tagging content with "Public Record" make's it easy to find all of my articles with this assignment: Simply click on the words "Public Record" anywhere you see them and a list of all of the articles with this seal will appear on the screen.

As always, thank you for your interest in my writing. Also, I appreciate all feedback left in the comments section of each post, or submitted through my contact page.


Nate Westheimer

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