Transmit Has Tabs!

October 18, 2006   

I bought Transmit (Mac OS X; $29; Panic, Inc.) for all my FTP stuff a long time ago, and I've really enjoyed using it much more than free Fugu. However, one thing I never realized before today was that Transmit has tabs. (I know it sounds like a stupid discovery, but check out the site and you'll see why it's tough to keep track of all the features.) I host or have access to about 5 different shared-servers, and when I was switching back and forth and from account to account I had always disconnected from one and logged on another. No more! While keying in "Command-T" for a new tab in what I thought was Firefox (I use two screens and so get confused sometimes) I discovered this great feature (among a ton of others) in Transmit.


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