WSJ: 10 Ways We'll Consume Less Energy

October 16, 2006   

A great follow up to the Fast Company article I reported on last month was in a special section of the WSJ this morning: Less Power to the People (sub req) is a story that examines why Americans may soon begin to consumer less electrical power than they do today. The Journal lists 10 ways, from public policy to technological advances, this literally earth-saving trend could occur:

  1. Replacement of regular bulbs with LEDs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and prism enhanced skylights.
  2. Use more-efficient hardware
  3. Better sensors means more efficient climate control
  4. Easier measurement of energy consumption per device (so you can better regulate yourself)
  5. Govn't could set tighter standards on efficiency
  6. New building codes could mean more efficient structures
  7. Give incentives to Utilities to sponsor conservation efforts
  8. Use variable pricing to change supply/demand at peak and non-peak usage
  9. Offer rebates for using energy efficient appliances
  10. Consumer education

Also, check out this free podcast by the WSJ on why these 10 things might not do enough to power a growing population and why we'll need more electricity plants.

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