Urban Etiquette - This Week's New York Magazine

June 19, 2006   

I opened my mailbox today to find a delicious article in this week's New York Magazine. The Urban Etiquette Handbook should be required reading for all New Yorkers, especially new New Yorkers, and the really old, craby New Yorkers. With tit-bits like "How do you break up with your stylist?" to "Stealing a Cab, Politely," this handbook will keep you informed and keep you laughing, I promise.

My favorite of all - and especially important for NYC newbies from po-dunk towns, such as your truly - is David Cross' guide for meeting celebs called "Where do I know you from? How not to alienate That Guy From TV."

So check it out. On newsstands now. We'll all be better for it and perhaps have less sloppy cheeks too. (The answer to "What's the best way to avoid awkward crossed-signals handshake-meets-cheek-kiss encounters?" tells us: anything you're going to do is fine, as long as you telegraph it early, and it's not a fist-pound. That's lame.)

(Like all good NYC blogs, this post is also seen on Scoutsider.com)

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