New post... on Medium

January 23, 2014

Twitter killed this blog. Let's face it.

If you've been reading me since 2006 (when I coined the 'innonate' moniker and bought this domain) you know I had a great few years of prolific posting. Then, in 2008, I slowly stopped writing at all.

It wasn't just me, of course. Google Reader used to be a thing back then. I used to check my Technorati score and see who visited me on my MyBlogLog.

Today, those things don't exist and I -- along with every other fair weather blogger -- have basically stopped.

In 2014 I want to change that and write more, but in 2014 I think the reality is that probably means I'll be writing in many places other than this blog.

Today I'm trying to write on Medium for the first time. Go read (and please share!) my post on why Picturelife decided to be early in accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.