Still hacking... on the business

November 14, 2013

Since I became CEO at Picturelife, I've gotten one question the most:

Do you still get to code?

While I've certainly had to put other priorities over coding, I am really happy to say I've still gotten to code quite a bit. Actually, what's happened, is that instead of coding substantially less, I'm coding on different aspects of the platform.

What's that mean?

With the shift in my responsibility for the company, I'm become much more focused on hacking on behalf our business success. This means that I've spent less time on our image de-duplication algorithms (good news is we hired someone who does it better than me) and more time on our email communication platform. Instead of working on optimizing our API (good news is we have two awesome people who are better at this than me) I've been hacking on tools which help high-value prospects deeper into our product faster, leading to better conversions.

No place does this shift than what my team and I hacked on yesterday: an import tool for stranded Everpix users. Early yesterday we found out what format the files would be in and less than 24 hours we built a full-featured import tool, sent out press releases, and started seeing new customers roll in.

So yes, I do still get to code, but the coding is a little different. If I didn't get to code I'd probably go nuts (and totally suck at leading the company) but instead I'm super, incredibly happy that my new role has allowed me to keep my keys clackin, gits pulling, and deploys deployin.