Unleashing the Dragon of Hardware Innovation

September 05, 2013

Earlier this year, my investment fund, Red Bud, joined Flybridge, Foundry Group, Bre Pettis, The Box Group and several other angels in backing Dragon Innovation. Today, the Dragon platform is live. 

Until now, Dragon has been behind the scenes helping hackers and entrepreneurs bring to fruition nearly every successful crowd funded hardware project you've seen (like the Pebble watch I love so much!), as well as helping deliver products for well known independent hardware manufacturers like MakerBot and some other companies I can't tell you about but you've surely heard of.

Dragon exists because building a cool prototype and getting it crowdfunded can be easy for some people, but then getting it manufactured at scale, built to last, and delivering on the promises you made to your backers is an entirely other issue, with different skills needed.

It's what separates hardware from software.

With the launch of their platform, Dragon is now open to help even more amazing hardware developers get their ideas made, and made the right way. I can't wait to see them grow and even more I can't wait to back and buy to cool stuff emerging on their platform.

Go check it out or read more here or here.