Freedom Tunnel

July 30, 2013

I haven't been great at writing here lately, so I thought I'd try sharing some photos I've been taking and writing a quick story about them. 

Today I'll start with a photo walk through the Freedom Tunnel I took last week with Bijan Sabat and David Haber. You can see more of my photos from the walk here, Bijan's are here, and David's are here.

My two take aways from the walk were: 

  1. I loved the sounds you hear underground. Above the tunnel were parks and streets. At one point people were playing tennis, but it took us a second to figure out what the grunting was. We went at 8am in the morning, so the sounds of people getting to work and starting their days would fall into the tunnel like the beams of light. It was all very disorienting but also cool.
  2. Photo walks are cool. I hadn't been on one since Amit Gupta did one in Williamsburg back in 2008 (a few photos). Mostly I take photos because I'm going to be somewhere anyway, but this was intentional photo finding and I really liked it. I think I'll try to do it again soon.

That's it for now. Maybe this will get me blogging again.