Campaign Finance Reform

November 15, 2012

As a technologist and leader of a tech organization, its easy to think about policy and politics strictly through the lens of "what does this issue do for my industry?"

But, to build a successful industry we also need a successful society, and a key part of a sucessful society is a political and election system that's fair, open and serves all its citizens.

Remember, the NY Tech Meetup's mission is to "Advance the NY Tech industry for its people, and the world."

On that note, please join me in signing this letter to Governor Cuomo. The meat of the petition is as follows:

We believe that we can breathe new life in our democracy by making the voices and concerns of small donors count more. Such a paradigm, already in place in New York City and in several states, would encourage candidates to rely on everyday voters for their campaign funds, instead of spending extensive energy and precious time courting the affluent and special interests. Such a system of small donor-driven campaign finance reform would broaden civic participation, invite citizens back into our democracy and strengthen the ties between officeholders and their constituents.

The 21st century economy we are building deserves a 21st century government, and that starts with who we elect and how they get in power.

Join us.