Two Years Later. Learning to code. Picturelife funding.

November 03, 2012
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="612.0"]Learning what an Array is, two years ago. Learning what an Array is, two years ago.[/caption]

I was reminded a few weeks ago that I was upon my second anniversary of learning to code.

Yesterday, TechCrunch discovered that Picturelife has raised a $4 million Series A.

With these milestones, and along with the honor of speaking at The Flatiron School a few weeks ago, I've been thinking a lot about this journey of learning to code and founding a new company.

My first thought was how lucky I am to be working with the team I'm working with. I'll write a longer post next week about how we want to grow the team (maybe there's a role for you?), but we've started with an incredible foundation. Charles and Jacob are true visionaries. Chris, Joe, and Keith are true craftsmen. Luis has a sense of humor every startup needs. It's the team you dream of building stuff with and I'm lucky to be building stuff with them.

My second thought was about learning to code. I am so happy I am I wrote The HoPE Manifesto when I did. The information I had to share was so fresh then. When you go through these transformations a lesson learned is to just get stuff down on paper and out of your brain as it's happening. Today I have much less clarity about how to help others but I'll always have that document for myself and others.

So, onward! And if you haven't checked out Picturelife yet, please go download and give it a try!