Welcoming Flybridge to NYC

September 10, 2012

As many of you know, I've been an Advisor to Flybridge Capital Partners for nearly three years.

I've been a big fan of Flybridge for many reasons, but I've especially appreciated their commitment to NYC and their early vision to invest here. Their major investments in iconic NY startups like 10Gen (MongoDB), and rising stars like 33Across and tracx, mean a lot to this community and help it continue to blossom as the major tech hub in the world.

Today, Flybridge is taking that commitment much farther and has some exciting news: Flybridge Managing Partner David Aronoff is opening a New York City office, he's brought my good friend, fellow Eggnog Latte loving, and wicked smart dude Matt Witheiler (Flybridge's Principal) down from Boston with him, and the team at Flybridge has savvily hired Caitlin Strandberg, one of NYC's rising stars in the tech scene, to be Flybridge's Associate here.

Flybridge has moved to NYC and moved big. Nearly half of their team now lives and works from New York City -- a first, as far as I know, for VC firms who were founded outside of New York.

So this is exciting, from me, for Flybridge, and for the New York Tech community. Please help me welcome them by giving @flybridgecap a shout-out on Twitter or by commenting below.