What I've Been Reading

August 17, 2012

There are about 3 of you who still subscribe to my blog. Thank you.

I think I stopped writing frequently enough to hold an audience when I started with AnyClip. Mostly it's because I get so pissed reading folks talking about "how to do startups" when they haven't proven anything themselves that I couldn't get into it. Since then, I've been quiet for that and reasons; now, most recently because I spend my creative time writing code instead of writing essays.

While I've stopped writing blog posts, I haven't stopped reading blogs. A while ago I did pare down my RSS reader to just friends (rule is no one I don't personally know) and so that's made staying up to date on ideas and people that matter to me much easier.

I woke up this AM wanting to write something, though, and so I thought I'd give you an idea of what I've been reading recently. I recommend you go take a look:

  1. Jordan Cooper has been on an amazing tear. I especially enjoyed his post "Fuck Pride" and  and this one about the intellectual laziness of "re-imagining" things.
  2. Jeff Bussgang is not just a VC, he's also an Entrepreneur in Residence at HBS, where he teaches entrepreneurship. Its with that B-school background that he's started a fantastic series of startup Case Studies, focusing on the non-Amazon, Google, Facebook, successes. The one he put out on TripAdvisor is fantastic. His first one was about Akamai.
  3. Howard Lindzon has always been one of the most prolific and colorful bloggers I know. But, reading Howard is especially important in 2012, I feel, because of his unique insight into the global markets, US stock market, and startups -- and how they all have messily intertwined as of late with the IPO of some of our comrades. Don't discount the importance of seeing things from where Howard sits. Its not just unique, it's important. This response to Twitter "Hijacking the $Cashtag" is a good one. This post called "How to Invest for Losses and Misery..." is classic Lindzon, though. Check it out.

So that's what I've been reading. What have you been reading? Anything particularly interesting and insightful? Bonus points for not being something read by a lot of people. Hard to think different when everyone has read the same thing.