Ideas Take Time

July 03, 2012

Wow. A few months ago, after Anthony's fantastic demo at the NY Tech Meetup, I moved my blog from Wordpress to Squarespace.

One great thing about the move is that Squarespace transfered and surfaced a whole bunch of never posted drafts, like this gem, where 2 years before learning to code and building Ohours I make the case for an online Office Hours community in an episode of The Interwebs, a show I created with legendary ;) videographer (and co-founder of CheddarGetterAdam Quirk.

The video is embedded above and the unfinished blog post draft is below:

Free idea here!
I've been loving holding Office Hours every week for the last two months, and the thesis I layed out when I started has 100% proved itself: I love meeting new people, it's efficient to meet for 15 minutes (we both get something out of it) and it's a great way to scale my schedule.
So, I think it's time someone makes an Office Hours app and builds a community of people willing to open their doors and have Office Hours like me.
The app would be simple. One would only have to signup for my OfficeHours to see the basic user workflow, and then

Thats where the post ended, but the rest is history. Not only did Ohours get created (and get an even better life with Nathan Hurst at the helm) but I also got better at public speaking! Now I just miss having Adam in New York and co-hosting The Interwebs with him. We had fun.