New Home for the Blog

April 16, 2012 Filed under: Blogging

Before I really learned to code, I always told people I used Wordpress because it gave me a chance to play with code and get my hands dirty with having my own server.

Today, I could spend a little less time wrangling servers and keeping software up to date -- believe me, I have my hands full -- and so I've moved my blog,, to Squarespace's amazing new Squarespace 6 platform.

Squarespace 6 is an incredible piece of software. If you weren't at the February 2012 NYTM, you can view their founder and my friend Anthony Casalena demo the software at the 14min mark here. They're still working out some bugs, so it's still in private beta, but as soon as it's available to the public, I recommend you take a look.

~ N

PS: Comments are turned off until Squarespace gets Disqus hooked up to the new platform. They will be back.

PPS: If you read this in my RSS feed, I'm sorry that you got a big dump of old stories as I moved this over!