It's not over, but boy am I proud to be a member of this community...

January 19, 2012 Filed under: New York City

Photo Credit: Scott Heiferman The fight to stop PIPA and SOPA are far from over. The word we're hearing from Washington is that PIPA's supporters are trying to double down their pressure and make this bill sail through the Senate even faster than before.

We can and will stop this bill, but before we get back to work I want to say how incredibly proud I was to be a part of the NY tech community yesterday.

We did something that's never been done before, in any tech community: Over 2,000 of us -- developers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, salespeople alike -- came together physically to protest something that we universally agreed would damage our industry and therefore our lives, our City and our World.

No doubt, this is a turning point for us as a community. This won't be the last time we come together and this won't be the last issue we're willing to fight for.

Until the next Meetup, keep hammering away on the phones. MobileCommons has set it up so that you just need to text "PIPA" to 877877 to be connected to the Senators' offices. I called this morning and a Gillibrand staffer said she had no plans of changing her mind. It's not an acceptable answer and so I'll be calling back every day until that answer has changed.