Ohours Finds a Future: Hirelite Acquires Us!

August 09, 2011 Filed under: Entrepreneurship

I posted on the Ohours Blog and Hirelite CEO Nathan Hurst posted on his: today we're excited to announce that Hirelite.com has acquired Ohours.org. Obviously this is super exciting for me (baby's first exit!) but I'm mostly excited for the amazing Ohours community. Over the last 6 months, the community has grown to thousands of people while I've simply neglected the platform. I'm just thrilled to see Ohours getting worked on and loved on like it should. As a user I couldn't be more excited about the new features Nathan has planned, and I can't wait to see how -- now that Ohours is being taken care of the way it should be -- this community grows and flourishes and opens more doors for more people.

Please help me celebrate this by going to the new Ohours and schedule some face to face time with someone new!

Lastly, I need to thank everyone who has supported Ohours so far and helped me build the platform to what it is. Kyle Bragger deserves most of the thanks. I started building Ohours with almost no development skills whatsoever and he was there coaching me every step of the way. Vin Vacanti was the first person to tell me he'd be a user of the service and has been an active host ever since. Gary Chou at USV reintroduced Nathan and me and helped us think through the transaction. Christina Cacioppo at USV, David Tisch at TechStars, Ben Siscovick at IA Ventures and Melody Koh at Time Warner led the NYC VC charge, while Spencer Lazar helped bring Ohours to London and the rest of Europe and Andrew Parker brought Ohours to Boston. Meanwhile, Evan Bartlett, Adam Schwartz, and Lis Hubert led the charge with NY tech's professional scene. Andrew Mager got Developer Evangelists rocking on the system. Aaron Cohen, of course, is someone else I have to thank. He was a big cheerleader of mine in this project and brought Ohours to the University market.

I know I'm leaving people out of this thank you (the dangerous thing about thanking people in the first place, and trying to blog quickly!) but I'm just so thankful for everyone's involvement and want to make sure I at least mention a few people by name.

The last person I want to thank is Nathan Hurst. I couldn't imagine a better person to take ownership and custody of this awesome community. If you don't know him yet, meet him. He's a rockstar entrepreneur and hacker and Hirelite is a super innovative company doing incredibly creative and disruptive work in the recruiting space.

The future of Ohours is bright and I'm beaming along with it.

Thanks to everyone again.

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