Why Tomorrow Night's NYTM is so Important

August 31, 2009 Filed under: NYTM
NY Tech Meetup
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Tomorrow night -- on Tuesday, September 1st -- the NY Tech Meetup will feature 4 presentations of technology and research which originated at New York and Columbia Universities' computer science departments.

It's about time the University and Commercial tech communities did something together. This is why you should RSVP for it now:

The "NY tech community" as most of our 10,000 members consider it, is largely comprised of people in the commercial world. We are entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, and technologist-employees in companies large and small.

For the most part, in the commercial world, we do an amazing job at solving tech's medium-sized and important problems. If you're lucky enough to work a small handful of our member startups and you work on something like Health Care, you're among the few working on a super-sized problem and massively important.

However, for the most of us in the private, commercial space, we're at our best when giving you the ability to find what bars your friends are in or edit images in browsers or even serve advertisements in effective manners.

Great stuff. Innovative stuff. But that's not always where revolutionary technology comes from.

Universities are hugely important pieces of a technology ecosystem because they often produce revolutionary technology (TCP/IP, Apache, Mosaic, Google), and thus should be cornerstones of our communities.

However, in New York City, we fail at integrating our University and Commercial technology communities.

Until now. Tomorrow night we're showing off 4 amazing demos from some innovative teams located at NYU and Columbia University. You'll learn about "Musically Intelligent Machines," "Teaching Robots to See" and much, much more.

So come out and celebrate this great research happening in our back-yard.

It's important.

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