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June 26, 2008 Filed under: Instinctiv

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, go download the Instinctiv app today (found in the Multimedia folder of

Instinctiv is an "instinctive shuffle" application, which changes forever the way you look at the shuffle button on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Before, you'd press shuffle and spend more time skipping through songs you don't want to hear than listening to ones you actually are in the mood for.

Instinctiv, however, uses its powerful recommendation algorithms and some behavior technology to play exactly what you're in the mood for. If it guesses incorrectly, only a skip or two will get in on the right track.

I've been using Instinctiv for the past day and it's worked startling well for me. At my desk yesterday, I found myself go for over an hour listening to music on shuffle without pressing "next" even a single time. That sold me.

Anyway, here's a cute video the team put together to show *why* shuffle without Instinctiv technology can be a disaster. This has happened to all of us, right?

Also as part of the product announcement, Instinctiv announced that it had raised $750,000 from angel investors, Cayuga Venture Fund, and Rose Tech Ventures.

Full disclosure: Rose Tech Ventures is where I serve as Entrepreneur in Residence and Instinctiv CEO Justin Smithline is one of my good friends.

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