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June 24, 2008 Filed under: Blogging

Entrepreneur in Residence Today, I am very pleased to announce my new position as Entrepreneur in Residence at Rose Tech Ventures.

Loyal readers of my blog (RSS link here) will know this news only a few days old. Last week, after sadly announcing the close of BricaBox, lead of Rose Tech Ventures and Chair of the New York Angels David S. Rose (who has been an informal adviser over the last several months, and to who I had informed the week prior about my plans), called me up to his office and offered me this exciting opportunity. I accepted immediately and started yesterday.

So, what does this new position hold for me?

Well, only time will tell where my day-to-day focus will exactly be, but fundamentally it means I get to collaborate more with you, my fellow entrepreneurs.

Rose Tech Ventures is and has been up to loads of exciting things in New York. With my new position, I'll be active in nearly ever aspect of the early stage investing game: sourcing, evaluation, tending to portfolio companies, etc.

Most exciting for me is the new "startup coworking" space, launching soon at Rose Tech Ventures (photo of my desk above). If you're a startup with between 1 and 5 people and would like to work among other exciting startups in the epicenter of Silicon Alley, please contact me and I can send you more information as it becomes available (also, we'll be hosting some informational events in the space coming soon).

Whatever I'm doing, I know I'm bound to learn a ton -- just like I learned a ton from BricaBox. David is an excellent teacher and the rest of his team are top notch people. Also, he sees just about every deal that passes through this town, and getting a front row seat to this will undoubted make me smarter and wiser as I choose what my next entrepreneurial adventure holds for me.

Again, thanks for the good wishes you sent me last week. I'm very excited for what's to come and look forward to updating this space even more often with this entrepreneur's (now in residence) ideas, insight, and questions.

EIRsPS: Here's a fun photo I took on Monday -- my first day as an EIR -- with Jason Calacanis. The reason I took the picture is that I first heard about the concept of an EIR when Jason took the same position at Sequoia Capital prior to founding Mahalo. "What a dream job," I thought. Well, I'm no Calacanis (I'm me, as my mother would say), but he was also a NYC tech guy and I hope I can also create a great company when I'm through serving as EIR.

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