New GDocs UI + Features

March 26, 2008 Filed under: Google

Looks like some users, including me, got a Google Docs upgrade today. The look/feel is much more like a desktop app, which makes sense.

Check out this screenshot (click to make bigger)!


By the way, I'll also note that Google Docs was a hot topic of conversation at dinner last night. My dad -- a forward trending businessman who uses Excel at its limits -- was in town and he told me, Michael Galpert, and Kristian Hansen that he found the possibilities of Google Spreadsheets incredible, but then got very turned off when he hit certain limits, such as the number of rows and equations you can have in a given sheet. Leave it to him to find those limits!

What really turned him off was the fact that he couldn't pay to remove those limits -- something he'd happily do, if asked.

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