I want in

March 19, 2008 Posted by Nate Westheimer

According to Mike Arrington, there's going to be huge consolidation in the professional bloggosphere, he wants to be a part of it. Oh, and because there will be consolidation and he wants to be part of it, he also wants folks like Alley Insider and PaidContent to stop raising money. Hmmmm.

Never mind the fact that Arrington's post had major factual errors and inconsistencies, because what Mike poses is actually worth considering: bring under-valued, high-quality content into one house... then, leverage the f*ck out of the combined valuation and bring down the really, really big goliaths (he mentions CNET, but I say you also take out and FTW).

Anyway, I just want to say "I'm in." (Or, as my buddy Gary Vaynerchuk would say, "I want points.")

So, Mike, let's roll up in this group of blogs and I'll keep producing ridonkulously amazing, CEO-quality content. You give me the reach, and I'll give you something for your audience. We both win.

In the meantime, keep pissing the rest of the industry off, Mike. You're really good at it, and, if this master-plan doesn't go through, you're going to need to build a lot more traffic in order to get that world domination you're hungry for.

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