The New BricaBox: We've Launched

February 26, 2008 Filed under: BricaBox

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Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, and RSS Subscribers...

Behold, the new BricaBox:

Picture 12-1

I am super proud to announce the launch of

We've been at work for nearly 8 months (see the details of our launch here). Our task:

To create a true "social content platform" -- a way to create websites for people and groups to publish a base of content, whatever that may be.

Last night, as I was talking with a reporter, I finally said something worthwhile, in regards to "why people should use BricaBox." I said, to effect,

People will use BricaBox to scratch an itch. They'll want map a group of photos with their friends, and realize that a certain combination of feature on BricaBox will get them exactly what they want. Other people will want to share videos, but will want to also include a wiki with their videos to share knowledge -- and they too will find that BricaBox is the tool for them, because we've brought all these things together on one, easy to use platform.

In the end, we'll find out more as the days go by in terms of "Why" people use BricaBox. Already, there are some pretty awesome examples:

These all were super niche needs -- but REAL needs -- not being served by blogs, wikis, white label social networks, etc.

The needs weren't being met -- and this is important to note -- because there was a whole classification of platform which didn't exist, until now: The Social Content Platform.

BricaBox is the social content we've been waiting to present to you. We hope it's the platform you've been waiting for too.

PS: I hacked together a fresh coat of paint for my Nates List site. Check it out! (and thanks Kyle for my new header logo!)

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