Wikia Sucks Because It Doesn't Know Me

January 07, 2008 Filed under: Web-trends

Wikia Search launched today. For an analysis on its chances, check here. I'm not very impressed, to be quite frank.

I ran two searches where this blog ranks well in Google and this is what I got:

1. "Nate Westheimer" 2. "Facebook business model" (see the screenshots below)

To be frank, because didn't show up in these searches, I don't think Wikia's going very deep at all. is not a popular website by any means, but there are certainly enough links out there which would have it cross paths with a spider or two. It's also a top 350,000 website, according to Alexa, and I would hope that Wikia was spidering the top 500,000 websites out there.

Anyway, until I learn more about whatever secret sauce is behind this which I should be raving about, I'm not going to rave about it... or use it.

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