Irony of the Day: Conversations Moving to Twitter and Back to Blogs?

December 11, 2007 Filed under: Web-trends

I think today's "irony of the day" is a post by Jeremiah Owyang which points out that "Some conversations move to Twitter" -- and by some conversations, he means some conversations which used to occur elsewhere, meaning "The Blog." Well, this particular conversation has already netted 200+ comments on his blog post and will surpass his most-active post to date, which was the White Label Social Networking Platforms list.

So let me be clear: the irony is that a meme about coversations moving off blogs and to Twitter created the most activity on his blog to date. He also chose his blog to articulate this thought.

Anyway, the irony isn't really that thick -- it's just such a good example of a point that I've been trying to articulate for awhile. I've been playing with a term called "Ambience Scatter" and I have a three month old blog post draft I can't seem to finish on the subject.

The basic idea is that with emerging forms of communication there's an increasing attraction to the "right" medium for the message. Blogs aren't a one size fits all. But with the right medium also demands a critical mass (so you can be heard). That creates a scatter of mediums weighted by the groups which come together in densely populated place. Call it the galaxy of communication. Call it gravity.

Nonetheless, let's not let today's lesson pass us. The Blog is still as strong as ever at pulling tons of people around an idea -- a meme, if you will -- and perhaps still the most effective.

Good going, @jowyang.

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