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1 reason Kickstart will fail

November 5, 2007 Posted by Nate Westheimer

I read it tonight on Webware: Yahoo! has finally launched Kickstart, their answer to the LinkedIn + CareerBuilder + increasingly-Facebook dominated career industry. Now, before Kickstart-challenger, and CEO of Path101, Charlie O'Donnell can come out with his next "5 ways Yahoo! will mess up Kickstart" post, I wanted to break the story with the 1 Reason Kickstart Will Fail:

This new user start-page (see below, and click on it to see it larger, web readers). Kickstart

Somebody tell me, what the %&*$ am I supposed to do? How do I connect with people? Where are other Brandeisians?

So, I actually am interested in what Charlie's reaction will be. Lucky for him, Yahoo! is making it easy for him to start his next list. This page is the Top 10 Reasons Kickstart is awesome. Asking for a parody, aren't we? Slay away, Charlie and Alex.

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