Berlind "gets" BricaBox more than I do

October 24, 2007 Filed under: BricaBox

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While at Startup Camp, David Berlind, one of the web's most respected bloggers and host of the camp, announced that he'd do a video blog interview with anyone who had a product and wanted to show it off.

I jumped at the chance (knowing most people don't jump at the chances right before them, even when a room full of entrepreneurs).

Sure enough, I was one of two folks who did jump at the chance and today David posted our interview plus a GREAT analysis of our company.

In fact, the analysis and explanation he gave was so spot on, Berlind explained BricaBox better than I ever have (Direct Twitter from my buddy Andrew Parker: "he explains your product better than you do." My reply: "sooo true.").

I'm definitely taking notes!

Anyway, here are some favorite quotes, but remember to read the whole thing!

You could publish your review in something like a standard blog but you could never hope to deal with the structural needs through tagging or categories. You’d need something that is just a bit more robust. That’s what BricaBox is.

The point is that there are some types of posts that fit really well into the unstructured publishing mantra of blogs and wikis. But, if what you have to publish requires a lot more structure for each post. How do you do that? Chance are you have to turn to some sort of database like solution that doesn’t really operate the way blogs and wikis do where they’re more like publishing platforms for the read/write Web that take care of everything from the navigation to search to chronological ordering, etc.

Enter BricaBox...

Thanks David!

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