Why I'm not staying in SF for the Web 2.0 Summit

October 16, 2007 Filed under: Web Startup

Fred told us why, but my reason is much simpler: It costs too damn much.

The Web 2.0 Summit shouldn't be both selective (it's invite only) and expensive as heck. Instead, it should stick to one of those limiting qualities and only invite people it wants there, or make it even more expensive to keep out the people who can afford $4k for a few days of listening to people speak.

My problem was that I did get invited back in August, but decided to spend that $4,000 of my bootstrapping budget going to the Blog World Expo where I actually get a booth and sell my wares.

Don't get me wrong, I was pleased to have gotten an invite, but I would have appreciated a scholarship program like what Personal Democracy Forum had so that I could attend and bring whatever I could bring to the conference floor.

Should Launch Pad start-ups (often already funded) be the only ones who get to attend?

Well, here's to being rich enough or having someone pay for me to go next year.

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