SAI: Straight up -- Hulu is screwed

September 20, 2007 Filed under: Economy
I especially like this analysis of Hulu by SAI's Henry Blodget.

I have a long, long video post waiting for me to finish... this inspires me to do it.

For the record, I think they are screwed only because they haven't told us why they're going to be any good.

No good news is bad news.
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Silicon Alley Insider: Digital Business, Live From New York

Why Hulu is Screwed, Part 1 (GE, NWS)

*Potentially awful economics.? This is the clincher: please see Part 2: "Hulu's (Bad) Economics"

*Two years too late: YouTube and niche sites already dominate global video.? In the history of the Internet, it has been extremely rare to see an entrenched, dominant brand surrender its lead without a major strategic misstep.? Even when companies blow it (AOL, Yahoo), they still maintain most of their market position.? (But what about Google, you say?? ?Google was one in a hundred thousand.? And we'll go out on a limb here and posit that Hulu is no Google.)
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