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February 27, 2009
Pimp My Tech - Air America

A few weeks ago, after my NY Magazine "Geek on Demand" article, I went over to Air America's studios down the block and recorded a fun segment called "Pimp My Tech." Episode One of Pimp My Tech is now live (see above), so go check it out. Episode Two will be coming soon...

March 31, 2008
How to Design a Website

Things everyone should consider while designing a website:

February 15, 2008
What has this world come to?

Video i'm in like with you style is the world gone to hell.

December 12, 2007 Down? - UPDATED

UPDATE 2: Definitely my ISP. Blip is back for me and it was never down yesterday. Very weird stuff though. I couldn't access their videos on anyone's blogs or websites, including BricaBox's.UPDATE: May just be my ISP's DNS. I don't know -- but it sucks. Looks like is down today. Anyone know why or how long it's been down? I'll update this space as I know.

September 12, 2007
Joost Break? Nah. I multi-task.

I just got this email from Joost (see screenshot below) asking me to take a Joost break. Problem is: I don't let my computer go full screen on anything. I multi-task. And when it comes to "lean back" viewing, I save that for my tv: my AppleTV (I just responded to a bunch of emails while catching up on Mad Men, which I bought from iTunes). So Joost, get yourself on my AppleTV, and I'll watch you all day, all night, all the time.

August 27, 2007
Story Pirates hit YouTube

Okay, I know it's uber-hip to love Flight of The Conchords, but I'm not ashamed, I do. One of the main reasons I'm a fan is because of Kristen Sachaal, who plays the part of Mel. Over the last few years, I've actually met Kristen a few times through my cousin, who knew her from Northwestern days when they were both involved in a public theater project called the Story Pirates (they take stories written by kids and turn them into short plays with puppets and singing people).

June 1, 2007
Streaming Media is out of touch, on issues of streaming media that is

Some more thrashing about video: As if no one at Streaming Media was paying any attention at their own conference, the video archive of panel discussions reflects another stupid, stupid video experience. Only WMV streaming!?!?! Therefore no sharing!?!?! Therefore my Mac sucks at viewing it!?!?! Come on. You've lost any $$ I would have spent in the future going to your conferences. I'm embarrassed my boss sent me to spend a day there and had to foot the bill.

June 1, 2007
Really Webware? That's your video experience?

If I was consulting Webware on their online video experience, the first thing I'd do is shame them! (Sorry Caroline! NYC still loves you.) Forget for a minute that I couldn't watch their video in my RSS reader this morning (I'm sure it's always been like this, and this is just the first I've wanted to watch easily from my RSS reader), but when I clicked on the articled called "

June 1, 2007
On Viral Video (via "thenewsroom")

I wanted to try out TheNewsRoom after reading this announcement from parent company Voxant and Dow Jones. So, what better way to try it out then by posting a video on my blog about something recent that’s happened. For this trial I chose an AP video about Google Gears. It’s informative, if you don’t understand the significance of the new product, and what’s good for me is that by posting this video I can earn revenue (I just need 1,000 impressions to get $4!

May 31, 2007
Video Wheaties: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates @ D

I was excited for this historic interview and the D folks really pulled through and asked great questions (after I pointed out that they weren't getting questions from "real people", Kara Swisher emailed me and made that part of the plan). What more, you can watch all the clips on the All Things D Video site (powered by Brightcove). Here's the summary of the hour-long interview. Go watch all of them, but get excited by watching this one: