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June 30, 2010
AnyClip: Project "Peek-a-boo"

Today, we launched a new homepage at AnyClip. I couldn't be more proud of my team. The homepage -- dubbed "peek-a-boo" by our newest designer, Nicole -- is about pure movie moment discovery and exploration. At the top, we show you three things we think are awesome and relevant for the day. Your work is done for you. Below that, we highlight moments others have already discovered, but via our powerful SceneSearchâ„¢ technology.

June 28, 2010
Movie Nights Everywhere – Getting People Who Love Movies… Offline

I love movies (that shouldn't surprise you). I also love being online (that really shouldn't surprise you). And of course, I totally 100% love movies online (I send hundreds of bucks a year to iTunes and Netflix). However, I also really love the offline world more than the online world -- no kidding! This is why I'm proud to announce AnyClip's "Movie Night" initiative. It's time for people to get offline watching movies with each other and make "

May 17, 2010

Over at AnyClip we just pushed a nice little release, which included putting the Facebook Like button throughout our site (my first “Like” was on the Office Space page) as well as major enhancements to our search algorithm and some new tools for our users to start adding more and more data. I’ll blog about these new tools soon, I hope, but first I want to announce a major new initiative of ours, called “Spliced.

March 22, 2010
The Startup Story

A few weeks ago I went down to TechSpace to meet entrepreneur Sean Black and, for use on, talk about everything from the NY tech scene, to AnyClip, to my work with Flybridge Capital Partners. Here’s Part 1 of that interview: I don’t reblog every interview I do, but I wanted to post about this one because Sean really gets me to open up about the founding of AnyClip, running a startup in NYC, and my ideas around startups in general.

September 23, 2009
Launching AnyClip

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Credit: TechCrunch50"][/caption] To read "why" we founded AnyClip, check out this post on our blog, or read an abridged version on Alley Insider. Last week, we launched AnyClip at TechCrunch50. The results were tremendous. We took home the Audience Choice award and were also the runners up for the grand prize, making us the first TC50 company to win two prizes. Heck, AnyClip even won Robert Scoble's unofficial whisky award for being the first company to "

August 10, 2009
Pay Option

If you own the rights to premium content, someone is going to make money off it online. It's up to you to make sure you're the one getting paid. Last night I finally caught up on Season 2 of True Blood. I had watched Season 1 via good old fashioned Netflix DVDs, but since the most recent season's episodes aren't on Netflix, iTunes, or available on HBO's website, I had relied on visits to my girlfriend's house to get caught up on this season, via her cable TV's "

June 23, 2009
Web Scatter

Over time, everything finds its place; and on the Web, this law is no different. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I made this argument a few years ago regarding organization of offline activity and webservices in a post called “Scatter Mob.” This idea actually came out of a comment I wrote on Jeremy Wagstaff’s blog where I started to think about a phenomenon I’ve been calling “Ambiance Scatter.” Ambiance Scatter Here’s what I wrote about Ambiance Scatter in 2007 on Wagstaff’s blog:

May 13, 2009
AnyClip updates

Today, Gillian Reagan had a very nice write-up in the NY Observer about the AnyClip story and how Aaron and I came to work together. Yesterday, Aaron wrote a great post detailing some of the challenges we have before us. This week, our team in Israel made critical progress in our development plan, including developing a new plan for our API to support the AnyClip website -- which we decided would be built using Ruby on Rails -- along with a multitude of other applications which will use our platform.