Fueling up for a buck / by Nate Westheimer

One of the most difficult things about working around the clock to start a business is staying nurished and not spending your seed money on those expensive things called meals. One of way's I've kept this in check is by relying on all the $1 goodies at my corner store. Here are a few of my favorite things on the $1 rack: $1 cans of Arizona Iced Tea Green Tea Honey is my favorite, though I love the Arnold Palmer and Sweet Tea

Coffee Actually, I usually splurge and get a large ($1.50) from Russ and Daughters, but it's allowed when the extra 50 cents comes from my change mug, and because Russ and D has the best coffee in the neighborhood by far (though they don't serve it in this NYC-famous style of cup)

Peanuts I'll take any brand, preferably with salt

Snickers Bars (good luck to them with their new marketing strategy)

More to be added for sure!